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Where in the World is Smokey?

Bobsledding in Calgary

Kathleen Callen, Suzy Garner and Missy Garner celebrated the New Year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The two Garner women are alumni, while Suzy Garner and Kathleen Callen work in UT's development office. The three women descended down the 1,500 meter Olympic Track at Canada Olympic Park clocking in at 122.5 km/hr and crossing the finish line in 61.25 seconds.

"We did the run in an authentic four-man bobsleigh (that’s bobsled for Americans) on the same track the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team made famous (ever seen Cool Runnings?). No offers were made to join the 2010 Olympic team but for our first time we did well -- hanging on despite pulling more than 4 Gs."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure they've gotten that "flasher" concept perfected yet but looks like they're working on it!

"Cool" photo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some fast women!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Blues Sisters hit Canada!

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